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Multiply Your Sales: For COACHES Only

Nov 28, 2022

J. Immanuel is joined by Steven Trister who shares:

  • - How he started his video sales letter (VSL) agency

  • - How Daniel "Cold Email Wizard" Fazio changed his life

  • - The one thing you must know if you want your offer to sell

  • - How to overcome imposter syndrome

  • - The most important thing that you must do if you want...

Nov 21, 2022

J. Immanuel is joined by Cierra Seay who shares:

  • - The main reason why you should want to make a lot of money

  • - How you can make your first $1k+/mo by developing the money-making skill of copywriting

  • - How Cierra started her career as a copywriter and has been able to work with top clients like Dr. Eric Thomas aka...

Nov 14, 2022

J. Immanuel is joined by Zach Boykin who shares:

  • - How being a “teacher” or a “tutor” can help you be successful in your business

  • - How to make $1k+ as a “teacher” or a “tutor”

  • - Why you don’t need credentials, degrees or other peoples validation to start making money online

  • - The one thing you...

Nov 7, 2022

J. Immanuel is joined by Michelle Thames who shares:

  • -How to leverage and package your skills and expertise into products or services

  • - High ticket vs low ticket - the one you should choose to sell

  • - 3 questions you must answer before deciding to sell high ticket or low ticket products

  • - How to make your first...